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NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Touch Screen

NEW LOW PRICE — TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT OFFER WHILE IT LASTS! In order to fully enjoy a bottle of wine’s true aroma, it’s important to keep it at the proper temperature, as serving it too cold will cause it to lose its flavor notes while excessively warm temperatures will speed up the aging process. However, whether you’re a budding wine connoisseur or a true oenophile, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars building a home wine cellar. Instead, a thermoelectric wine cooler such as the NewAir AW-180E is a great, affordable way to keep your wine properly chilled. The NewAir AW-180E thermoelectric wine cooler has an eighteen bottle capacity with digital controls that make it incredibly easy to use. The LED light provides bright contrast and the touch screen on the display is intuitive and easy to control. Moreover, an internal LED light within the NewAir AW-180E wine cooler illuminates for greater visibility so that you know exactly which bottle of wine you are pulling out. In terms of sound, because the unit’s thermoelectric technology involves very little moving parts, this results in vibration-free, silent operation that won’t disturb your indoor environment. Lastly, for a touch of sophistication, the racks inside the NewAir AW-180E are chrome-plated. For an affordable, compact, and easy-to-operate thermoelectric wine cooler with a large eighteen bottle capacity, try the NewAir AW-180E

  • Product Dimensions: 25 1/4″ (Height) x 13 1/2″ (Width) x 20″ (Depth)
  • Has very convenient digital temperature controls.
  • A compact wine cooler that fits eighteen bottles inside.
  • This wine cooler operates silently so it can be used in every environment.
  • The racks are chrome plated so your bottles rest in the height of sophistication.

Rating: (out of 18 reviews)

Price: $ 145.99

NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Touch Screen Reviews

Review by Rose Vines:

I’ve only had this wine fridge for a short time, so I can’t comment on its reliability (our last one which we purchased at Lowes lasted about 6 months). It looks good, is a convenient, compact size and seems to work well. But there’s no way you can fit 18 bottles in it unless they’re slim – such as the standard Bordeaux and Alsace shapes. The chubbier Burgundy size and anything larger just won’t fit. The only way to get them in is to remove every second rack and make sure you lie slim and chubby bottles side by side. Makes it closer to a 10-12 bottle fridge.

Review by J. Bailey:

We ordered this unit to replace our Magic Chef 12 bottle wine cooler. We wanted a unit that was larger and quieter. The AW-180E NewAir 18 is an attractive and stylish unit, and will look nice in any kitchen or dining room. It was easy to set-up (only the door handle needed to be attached). We were able to place 18 different size bottles of red and white wines inside it without any problem. The controls are simple and easy to operate, and the unit temperature (we set it at 60°F) was reached in a matter of hours and readily maintained. The blue interior light is a nice touch, too. My only reason for not giving it a Five Star rating is that, although quieter than the unit we replaced, it seems to runs continuously (i.e. does not cycle on and off) and therefore you will hear a continuous hum in a silent room. You will not hear it if other backgound noice is present like a TV or stereo. But, in a silent setting you will hear it. To be sure, perhaps a certain amount of noise is to be expected from any cooler. That said, the unit is not “silent.”

Buy NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Touch Screen now for only $ 145.99!

Cuisinart CWC-800 8-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar, Stainless Finish

Whether it’s red, white, or bubbly, you’ll taste the difference when you pour a bottle from Cuisinart’s elegant wine cellar. It delivers whisper-quiet, thermoelectric cooling to keep your collection at just the right temperature. Three-year limited warranty. Model CWC-800.

  • Compact brushed stainless finish wine cellar holds up to 8 bottles
  • Thermoelectric cooling system – reduces noise and vibration while using low power consumption
  • Electronic touchpad for precise temperature control with blue LED display. Soft interior lighting with on/off control
  • 4-Chrome contoured wine racks designed to hold 750ml or the option to remove a rack to hold 1500ml bottles

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 299.00
Price: $ 149.99

Cuisinart CWC-800 8-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar, Stainless Finish Reviews

Review by Poet Loves Wine:

I bought this item for my sister and she loves it.Its the perfect size to fit on the counter, and its very quite.You wouldn’t even know its there, if it werent’ for the blue led temp guage. Its a really nice item and it looks really good in stainless steel.

Review by Jeffrey Ong:

So far so good. I went thru 2 other brand cellar and this one seems to be holding up well.

Buy Cuisinart CWC-800 8-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar, Stainless Finish now for only $ 149.99!

Cuisinart CWC-1600 Private Reserve Wine Cellar

The Private Reserve wine cellar ensures up to sixteen bottle of wine are kept at the ideal temperature while maintaining their signature bouquet, flavor and body. Use the touchpad to electronically set your preferred temperature ( between 39⁰-68⁰F). The thermoelectric cooling system holds the temp, quietly and efficiently, while the attractive stainless finish ensures wine collections are displayed in style.

  • 16-Bottle capacity
  • Thermoelectric cooling system – reduces noise and vibration while using low power consumption
  • Electronic touchpad for precise temperature control with blue LED display. Soft interior lighting with on/off control
  • 4-Chrome contoured wine racks designed to hold 750ml or the option to remove a rack to hold 1500ml bottles
  • Double-pane tinted viewing window

Rating: (out of 10 reviews)

List Price: $ 365.00
Price: $ 169.65

Cuisinart CWC-1600 Private Reserve Wine Cellar Reviews

Review by wine lover:

Packaging was great and the temp began dropping rapidly as soon as plugged in. So far the temps have stayed where we set them and haven’t had the shut off problem mentioned in one of the reviews we read. Very quiet and able to hold a blend of magnum and regular bottles with ease. Not bad for a counter top machine and perfect for our life style which consumes a bottle or two a week.

Review by L. M.H.:

Very pleased with the wine cooler, the product is just what it’s called, “A Wine Cooler/cellar”…not a refrigerator. Eye appeal is a 10, looks great in our kitchen, construction 10, cooling ability 10, gets bottle temps to temps that are listed in instruction book. The only thing I can knock it on is the fact it doesn’t turn back on after a power outage, but the instructions tell you this, so it’s not that big a deal if you know it up front. It’ not a cooler and it’s not a 00 cooler, it’s for the person that enjoys an occasional glass of wine, not the connoisseur.

Buy Cuisinart CWC-1600 Private Reserve Wine Cellar now for only $ 169.65!

AW-280E NewAir 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The NewAir AW-280E Eighteen Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler has a capacity to hold twenty-eight bottles. The digital controls make it incredibly easy to use. There is an LED light and a touch screen on the display. There is also an LED light inside the wine cooler so that you know exactly what wine you are pulling out. For a touch of sophistication the racks inside of the NewAir AW-280E are chrome plated. It also operates silently and vibration free so that given any situation it should not disturb anyone. For a compact thermoelectric wine cooler that holds twenty-eight bottles, try the NewAir AW-280E.

Model: AW-280E
Bottle Capacity: 28 bottles
Dimensions: 18.0” x 29.8” x 21.3”
Ground Weight: 59 lbs
Net Weight: 50 lbs.
Made in: China
Voltage: 100-120V AC
Frequency:60 Hz
Wattage: 70W (77 degrees Fahrenheit)
Current:1.0A (77 degrees Fahrenheit)
Vibration-free thermoelectric cooling
Touch control panel
LED display
Digital temperature control

  • Has very convenient digital temperature controls.
  • Shed some light with the LED Display and Interior LED Light.
  • This wine cooler operates silently so it can be used in every environment.
  • The racks are chrome plated so your bottles rest in the height of sophistication.
  • A compact wine cooler that fits twenty-eight bottles inside.

Rating: (out of 12 reviews)

Price: $ 174.99

AW-280E NewAir 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Reviews

Review by Herman Jacobs:

SEE the UPDATE at the bottom of this review.

I’ve owned this fridge for three months now, and for the price, it has performed reasonably well–so far. When you add together the price and the shipping rates, you probably won’t be able to find a cheaper thermoelectric wine fridge with this storage capacity. (I consider the non-vibrating feature of thermoelectric fridges an important requirement for cellaring wine long term.) However, there are some definite deficiencies and one really big question mark about long-term performance.

As my wine collection has grown, I’ve purchased several wine fridges from different manufacturers. Of the four wine fridges I now own, this one has the cheapest look and feel. Yes, it looks quite attractive from a distance, but when you get up close, you notice that every element of its construction seems just a little (and sometimes a lot) flimsier than my other fridges. For example, the material used for the inside walls of this fridge looks and feels like extremely thin plastic that could easily crack or be punctured. (The plastic liner seems comparable in weight and thickness to the thin plastic that is often used for packagaing small electronics accessories like headphones or video cables.) This plastic inside wall liner will probably hold up just fine if treated gently, but it seems like a clue to overall quality.

Similarly, the chrome trays that hold the bottles are just a little thinner, lighter, and flimsier than those in my other wine fridges. Speaking of the trays, with a tray loaded with bottles, you are supposed to be able to pull it out a few inches to get easier access to the bottles and a better view of the label. But the trays on this fridge do not slide smoothly once they are loaded with wine. Instead, they snag and get hung up. In fact, I worry that the force required to unstick and pull out a tray with bottles on it either might cause the bottles to come flying out on onto the floor or might tear the thin plastic that lines the inside walls of the fridge. So to get a tray out safely, you have to remove the bottles first, which defeats the purpose of having trays that are supposed to slide partway out for easier viewing and access.

With gentle and careful use, you can probably avoid problems with the flimsy physical construction of this fridge; however, the thing that worries me most about this fridge is the long-term endurance of the thermoelectric cooling device. This fridge sits side-by-side with another fridge I own that was made by another manufacturer and has exactly the same storage capacity. Compared to the other manufacturer’s fridge, the AW fridge’s cooling device kicks on and runs more often and longer–probably more than twice as long–to maintain the same temperature. With the temp set at 55 degrees, this fridge’s cooling system runs almost non-stop, never shutting off for more than just a few minutes before kicking back on for another long stretch, and that’s what makes me worry about long term durability. Because of my concern about the cooling device running constantly, I’ve raised the temp setting from 55 to 58 degrees, and that seems to help somewhat, but this thermoelectric fridge’s cooling device still runs much more often and much longer with the setting at 58 degrees than my other same-size thermoelectric fridge does at 55. It only makes sense that the more often the cooling device kicks on, and the longer it runs, the shorter will be its working lifespan.

One last word to the wise: For those who are just starting to appreciate the pleasures and advantages of cellaring your own wine, maybe it makes sense to buy a small cheap “starter” unit until you can decide whether your wine bug is a temporary infection, a manageable illness, or a lifelong obsession. But before doing as I did–buying a second, and then a third, and then a fourth fairly small fridge–consider taking the money you’d spend on a bunch of small fridges and instead putting those dollars into the cost of one higher quality, higher capacity unit that will solve your wine-storage needs over the long haul. Better yet, find 25 or 30 cubic feet of space under the stairs or in a closet of your house, wall it off, put in racks, insulate it, and buy a cooling unit to refrigerate it, to make your own mini-cellar where you can easily store several hundred bottles.

The Bottom Line: This fridge seems like a fair deal for the price, but if I had it to do over, I think I’d be better off in the long haul spending just a little more for a probably more durable fridge of the same size (which you can find on sale for not that much more), or putting the money into a much larger fridge or cellaring system that would better satisfy both present and future wine storage needs.

UPDATE: The original review above was written in July 2009, about three months after I purchased this wine frig in early April 2009. This update was written in mid-August 2010. Today my New Air 28 bottle wine frig died. It lasted about 16 months. To reflect the short life span, I’ve deducted a star, reducing my rating to two stars. This unit never was able to get down to 55 degrees. The coldest it could do was 60 or 61. So to keep the unit from overworking itself, I set the temp to 60, instead of 55. Two of my three comparable Wine Enthusiast branded units are still running. One of my three WineEnth branded units has also died, so the fact is, none of these thermo-electric units can be expected to last very long. As stated in my original review above, rather of buying one or more of these cheapie units, I would recommend putting that money into a better product that will hold more bottles, or better yet, build your own mini-cellar in closet or under a stairway.

Review by M. Johnson:

This is a very nice looking wine cooler. It is not perfectly silent, makes a light buzz, so if you want it to be in a place where you must have silence don’t get this one. However, mine is in my kitchen so no problem if it makes a little noise.

It holds standard sized bottles. Will not hold large bottles or bottles like champagne since they are a little wider than standard.

It looks very nice, has blue LED that tells you the temp. holds lots of wine and does not take a lot of space. I am happy with it.

Buy AW-280E NewAir 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler now for only $ 174.99!

Haier HVTS04ABB 4-Bottle Wine Cellar, Black

Touch screen Control; Perfect For Both Red & White Wines; Features Double Pane Insulated Glass Door With Black Trim/Black Cabinet; Variable 46Deg -65Deg F With Led Temperature Readout;3 Full-Width Chrome Storage Racks; Soft Interior Light; Stainless Steel Grip Handle; Vibration Free, Ultra-Quiet Thermal Electric Cooling;4-Bottle Capacity

  • Touch screen Control
  • Perfect For Both Red & White Wines
  • Features Double Pane Insulated Glass Door With Black Trim/Black Cabinet
  • Variable 46Deg -65Deg F With Led Temperature Readout
  • 3 Full-Width Chrome Storage Racks

Rating: (out of 5 reviews)

List Price: $ 89.99
Price: $ 55.94

Haier HVTS04ABB 4-Bottle Wine Cellar, Black Reviews

Review by Larryjmcmullen:

The cooler works great. The digital temp. setting only flucuates 1 degree and serves my purpose well. I highly recommend this wine cooler.

Review by S. Nettles:

I’m not sure if the one I received was defective or not but it would not hold its temperature. I only drink red wine so I needed it to be at 65 all the time. The ONLY time it stayed at 65 is when I had the heat running in my house at 70, otherwise it was always at the temp within my home (which completely defeats the purpose.) I didn’t need a pretty storage box. I’ve seen much better units than this. It was a complete waste of money and I’m sending it back.

Buy Haier HVTS04ABB 4-Bottle Wine Cellar, Black now for only $ 55.94!

Haier HVW18BSS 18-Bottle Wine Cellar, Silver

Your best vintages really stack up in this tall wine tower. It’s perfect for both red and white wines. Its double-pane insulated glass door opens to reveal nine wire racks that hold up to 18 bottles. The adjustable thermostat keeps conditions just right.

  • Electric wine cellar safely stores and chills up to 18 bottles
  • Vibration-free, ultra-quiet, thermal-electric cooling system
  • Adjustable mechanical thermostat; double-pane insulated glass door
  • 9 full-width wire chrome storage racks; interior light; leveling legs
  • Measures 22-5/16 by 11 by 40-29/32 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Rating: (out of 32 reviews)

List Price: $ 269.99
Price: $ 129.99

Haier HVW18BSS 18-Bottle Wine Cellar, Silver Reviews

Review by Y. Fadl:

1. It looks cool with the silver metal accents, tinted glass, illuminated interior with a cool blue light, and metal racks.

2. It keeps the bottles at an even temperature regardless of the ambient temperature which as anyone knows is the greatest factor in wine stability.

3. It doesn’t have settings for humidity or dual-zone temperatures, but quite honestly I don’t plan on keeping expensive 100-year old bottles stored in this thing that require such exquisite delicacy.

4. It is super-quiet. All you hear is a fan that turns on and off occasionally. I have it next to my hi-fi system and there is absolutely no interference whatsoever.

5. If you want a good-looking wine storage appliance that has a small footprint and keeps your bottles cooler than your pantry and warmer than the fridge without extra hassles, then this is the product for you.

Review by N. Zahirsky:

I bought the unit for my wife for christmas. Got it out of the box set it up and it worked for 2 months then died. After attempting to get assistance from the company I finally got thru. They wanted me to do a few things to get a new unit shipped out all of which are fine except paying for shipping I explained that I paid to have it shipped once and didn’t break the item why should I pay to get a second shipped. I think that they as explained thru their mission statement should stand by there product. The unit does look good and when it works it is nice just cross your fingers and hope is doesn’t break.

Buy Haier HVW18BSS 18-Bottle Wine Cellar, Silver now for only $ 129.99!

Cuisinart CWC-3200 32-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar

Store an entire wine collection with the Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Cellar. With a 32-bottle capacity on 8-slide-out racks, there’s room for a wide variety of reds, whites and champagnes-preserving the signature bouquet, flavor and body of each. Use the electronic touchpad to set the preferred temperature (between 39-degree- 68-degree Farenheit) and the thermoelectric cooling system holds the temp, quietly and efficiently. The attractive stainless finish fits seamlessly in any room of the home.

  • 32-Bottle wine cellar
  • Thermoelectric cooling system -reduces noise and vibration and offers low energy consumption
  • Stainless finish and double-pane viewing window illuminated by soft interior lighting with on/off control
  • Electronic touchpad for precise temperature control with blue LED display
  • 8-Chrome contoured wine racks designed to hold 750ml or the option to remove a rack to hold 1500ml bottles

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: $ 699.00
Price: $ 367.04

Cuisinart CWC-3200 32-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar Reviews

Review by Terrie-Dawn Clark:

This is a very quiet unit; when it comes on there is only a small murmur. The shelves are adjustable, which is nice. I feel confident buying a Cuisinart product too. The only draw back is that if it is to hold 32 bottles, they have to be pretty skinny. Regular bottles and the wine bottles from my wine club take up more room so it only holds 24. Also, if you store champagne it will take up 3 places. But at least they are adjustable and good quality shelves.

Buy Cuisinart CWC-3200 32-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar now for only $ 367.04!

EdgeStar 12 Bottle Slim-Fit Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel Trim Door

The EdgeStar 12 Bottle Slim-Fit Wine Cooler (model: TWR121SS) stores up to 12 bottles of your favorite wine. This compact wine refrigerator offers a reversible stainless steel trimmed thermopane glass door with stainless steel towel bar handle. Five removable slide-out scalloped chrome wine shelves offer side by side storage for two 750 mL bottles per shelf.

Manual controls allow an approximate temperature range between high 40s – mid 60s Farenheit, ideal for storing most wine varietals at optimal temperatures. This small wine cellar boasts eco-friendly compressor-less thermoelectric cooling, which provides quiet, vibration-free cooling without moving parts and Freon. Energy efficient thermoelectric Peltier cooling eliminates movement caused by compressor-based units, protecting your aging wine collection against agitation.

A soft white LED lighting element highlights your collection for easy label viewing and bottle location. With a slender 10″ width, the freestanding EdgeStar 12 Bottle Slim-Fit Wine Cooler stores wine while saving space.

  • Thermopane glass viewing window displays wine collection
  • Slim-fit design utilizes vertical space, leaving a small footprint on your floor
  • Scalloped chrome racking securely cradles wine bottles
  • Interior LED lighting illuminates wine without creating uneven heat distribution
  • Approximate temperature range: High 40sºF – mid 60sºF

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

Price: $ 99.00

EdgeStar 12 Bottle Slim-Fit Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel Trim Door Reviews

Review by Sheli Lindholm:

I’m not a big “white” drinker, my collection is heavy on the red side, however I wanted a smaller cooler to get the whites out of the refrigerator. Set up in minutes, cooled fairly quickly and very quiet – I’ve had to check a couple times just to make sure it’s on. Love the look and it feels sturdy enough. It’s very short – I have it next to a chair now in my kitchen and it’s about the height of an arm rest. I have zero complaints or issues with it – but I’ve had it only 5 days. We’ll see how it survives the long-haul. Not sure if it’ll work for under counter as there are side vents and it might need circulation – you’d have to check that.

Buy EdgeStar 12 Bottle Slim-Fit Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel Trim Door now for only $ 99.00!

NewAir AW-210ED NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Dual Temperature Zones

NEW PRICE REDUCTION — DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS GREAT OFFER! Anyone who’s ever opened a much-anticipated bottle of wine can attest to the effects of improper wine storage.  Wine that is served too cold can affect its flavor and aroma notes while wine that is served too warm will speed up the aging process and cause an overly alcoholic taste.  As such, whether you’re a budding wine aficionado or a true oenophile, a thermoelectric wine cooler such as the NewAir AW-210ED will allow you to serve your favorite vintages as they should be enjoyed.  The space-saving and compact NewAir AW-210ED thermoelectric wine cooler has a large, twenty-one bottle capacity that makes it perfect for any household.  The LED display, digital controls, and a touch button control panel all allow for easy operation.  Moreover, the NewAir AW-210ED even has an LED light within the cooler itself for enhanced visibility.  However, perhaps the mainstay of the AW-210ED thermoelectric wine cooler is its dual temperature zones.  This means that the cabinet’s upper and lower zones are specialized, independently refrigerated chambers with separate temperature control capabilities which allow you to chill two different types of wine at once.  Best of all, in terms of noise, the NewAir AW-210ED is silent and vibration-free due to thermoelectric electric technology.  Therefore, if you need a large-capacity wine cooler that has the ability to chill multiple types of wine with just one unit, try the NewAir AW-210ED.

  • Compact size with large, 21-bottle capacity
  • Convenient digital temperature controls with dual zones
  • Features LED Display and Interior LED Light.
  • Silent and vibration-free operation that won’t distrurb your environment
  • The racks are chrome plated so your bottles rest in the height of sophistication

Rating: (out of 9 reviews)

Price: $ 219.99

NewAir AW-210ED NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Dual Temperature Zones Reviews

Review by Centurion4Life:

I ordered this as a present for my wife, and read a lot of reviews. There were so many negative product reviews for wine coolers, I really didn’t know which one was actually the truth. I didn’t know what to buy or who to believe.

This fridge is really quiet. In an empty room without any other appliances on, you can’t hear it.

It’s beautiful. It’s aesthetically pleasing and fits in well into our dining room. She loves the sleek black finish, we get lots of compliments on it. It gets a lot of attention believe it or not. Some people are really impressed by it. My friends think NewAir should of made room for cans of Bud Light, but I disagree. The unit stores my 0 bottles of Opus One. It is definitely a higher end unit meant to store wine collections not beer for UFC fights. Same high quality as Cuisinart models we’ve seen at Bloomingdales, but bigger which means more room for WINE! I would definitely choose this unit over a built in unit. This model requires some room for venting like most refrigerators, which makes sense. We had a built in wine cooler in our last house and it was nothing but problems. When they had to fix because the compressor went I had to contact a laundry list of people because the manufacturer went out of business. Then the guy who came to fix it decided it was ok to damage our granite bar top to access the built in wine cooler.

No assembly except putting on the handle. Let’s face it not many of us spoiled Southern Californians are handy.

he temperature holds steady and does not reset when exposed to sunlight, or when the room is warm. It’s really easy to read the temp setting, really easy to set, and it works like a dream. The LED lighting is awesome. Also, you can feel the difference in temperature between the 2 zones.

Dollar for dollar, this was competitively priced. I really liked my experience with Air & Water. They were great. And, we’re SO happy with it.

I know you will be too.

Review by James T.:

This had a price much lower than my previous 18 bottle dual zone frig that had its upper zone fail after just 2 years. My old unit (bought at Target from a different manufacturer) had loud fans that were constantly running. While it did its job while it was working, many bottles wouldn’t fit without removing shelves or angling bottles on shelves. The New Air I just purchased seems to accomodate a larger variety of bottle sizes and shapes, is significantly quieter (I have to be right beside it to actually hear the fans, which are still quiet and unintrusive). Unit appears to maintain a stable temperature with no more than a degree flucuation despite room temp flucuation. Looks very nice, blue interior light much more pleasant than the old cold white light in my old unit. Easy to assemble and set up, all four leg posts are adjustable so you can level the unit. Package did arrive VERY beat up, but I blame FedEx for that, and took pictures just in case. A call to Air And Water met with a friendly support worker who was willing to have the unit replaced at no cost to me before I even hooked it up and turned it on – however I decided I’d give it a try and had no problems over the last two weeks. I was informed that if any problems due arise that they are more than willing to replace it due to damage in shipping. Very friendly and helpful staff. Overall very happy with the company to this point, and the product. Again only running for about two weeks, hopefully lasts past the two years my old one made it . . . .

One note – did have to relevel the doors during initial setup to ensure a good thermal seal – was easy to do, just loosen two screws on hinge securing bottom of top door and top of bottom door. Also, due to shipping companies not following directions on boxes mine was left on its side when delivered. Customer service said to make sure unit is left upright and level undisturbed for a good 3 hours before turning on for the first time or after moving to ensure everything settles and unit operates properly.

Also, ordered direct from new air so I could get an extended warranty, plus using coupon code of 10OFF got me an additional 10 percent off (they actually gave me 22.00 off, which is more than 10%, but I’m not complaining!)

Buy NewAir AW-210ED NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Dual Temperature Zones now for only $ 219.99!

NewAir AW-320ED 32 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler and Refrigerator

The NewAir AW-320ED Thirty-Two Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is an affordable way to keep wine at the perfect temperature. When wine is kept too cold, the aroma and flavor are affected because the wine loses flavor notes. When wine is kept too warm, the aging process is sped up which means the taste may be diffused or overly alcoholic.
The thirty-two bottle capacity of the NewAir AW-320ED thermoelectric wine cooler is perfect for people who like to have wine on hand for parties and gatherings as well as wine connoisseurs. The compact size makes it ideal for homes and offices and the sleek black cabinet design allows it to complement any decor.
Complete with two compartments and finely crafted glass doors, the NewAir AW-320ED thermoelectric wine cooler adds an air of sophistication to any environment. It utilizes thermoelectric technology which has very few moving parts. This allows the wine cooler to run vibration-free and silently. An internal light ensures that you always grab the right bottle for any occasion and the temperature control panel makes this wine cooler extremely simple to use. It is ETL listed for your safety.

  • Has a grounded plug.
  • Is ETL listed for your safety.
  • Has an internal light for greater visibility.
  • Utilizes thermoelectric technology.
  • Capacity: 32 bottles (depending on bottle size)

Rating: (out of 5 reviews)

Price: $ 899.99

NewAir AW-320ED 32 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler and Refrigerator Reviews

Review by Centurion4Life:

I looked everywhere from Costco to Wine Stores trying to find a perfect wine cooler before a friend suggested Amazon. That’s where I came across the NewAir AW320ED. This is a VERY nice unit! I previously purchased the Cuisinart before this one, but sent ended up returning it since it was so loud. I bought this one, and I couldn’t be happier. It has a lot of great features that the Cuisinart did not and, in my opinion, looks nicer.

First, its very quiet compared to the Cuisinart. It has dual zones so I can store my growing collection of both red and white wines. I love that it doesn’t make more noise as my refrigerator. It also has screw-in feet that can be used to level it. This was particularly helpful with the textured travertine floor in my kitchen. Although, it’s not a big deal unless your floors are not quite level like mine.

It has a nice LED light on the interior that is much brighter than the Cuisinart light. It cast a nice blue ray so I can easily find my wine for the night. I really like the touch screen controls as well. The temperature ranges are easily controlled with a touch of a button. It was also super easy to setup.

The unit even included a one year warranty, which help make my decision to purchase the unit. So far it has been about 5 months since I’ve had the cooler, and my wife and I are really pleased.

For about the same price as the Cuisinart, this is a much better unit. Buy it!

Review by P. L. Valderrama:

I’m from Chile and I wanted a very good present to my husband. This wine cooler is not only a good way to mantain our wines, it’s also a beautiful piece of design in our kitchen. Separeted places for white and red wine is a guaranty of perfect temperature. Despite the long distance, it arrive in perfect conditions … but my credit card it’s still suffering!

Buy NewAir AW-320ED 32 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler and Refrigerator now for only $ 899.99!

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